One-Punch Man Debuts Garou's Monstrous New Form

One-Punch Man has debuted Garou's full monster form with the newest chapter of the series! While [...]

One-Punch Man has debuted Garou's full monster form with the newest chapter of the series! While the Human Monster saga has taken a major turn as the battles between the S-Class Heroes and the Dragon and God level monsters have been tearing up the surface, there are still many lingering plot threads needing to be resolved as these fights reach their climax. The monsters have begun acting on the power vacuum left by Psykos and the Monster King Orochi, but as fans have known this entire time, these monsters aren't the only major threats still out there.

One of the smaller plots that has been developing since Garou was introduced was his connection to the monsters and heroes of the series. Seeking to become a monster himself as he defeated several heroes, the Human Monster saga then took him on a much more literal path as he started to make a full transformation into a monster himself. As of the newest chapter of the series, this transformation seems to have completed and granted him a terrifying new form.

Chapter 144 of the series continues the intense slate of fights against the final monsters of the Monster Association, but this entire time Bang and Bomb have been looking for Garou. Garou had been caught up in all of this, and the last time that we had gotten eyes on him, a monstrous change began to awaken in him. He still clung on to his humanity, but it was becoming increasingly clear that this was starting to take its toll. But with this chapter, we see the final result of this change.

As 144 comes to an end, Garou suddenly explodes out of the ground. Now covered in a black armor-like skin, Bomb recognizes him immediately due to the pure violence he seems to be radiating. Now Bomb and Fubuki stand as the first fighters getting ready to face off against Garou's new monster form, and Bang is on his way to potentially deal the final blow against the former student he's been chasing down this entire time.

Although we have yet to see what kind of power this new form is granting Garou, it's clear that it's going to take a lot to put him down. But what do you think of Garou's monster form? Think an even stronger version of this form could be on the way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!