One-Punch Man Shows Off Fubuki's Best Save Yet

One-Punch Man showed off Fubuki's best save in the series yet with its newest chapter! Fubuki has [...]

One-Punch Man showed off Fubuki's best save in the series yet with its newest chapter! Fubuki has been a crucial addition to the series ever since she first brushed with Saitama as he was making his way through the B Class hero ranks, and she's only become a more prominent player in the story with this massive fight between the Hero and Monster Associations now breaking out in the manga. This fight has reached its climax, and with it the heroes are starting to struggle against the next wave of monster threats.

Genos has especially had trouble dealing with the ever evolving Psykos, and even with his help from Drive Knight bringing him to a powerful new form, Genos was on the verge of total self-destruction at the start of the newest chapter of the series. But thanks to Fubuki making a stand and helping Genos in his time of need, Fubuki showed how key of a player she'll be going forward.

One-Punch Man Fubuki Chapter 140 Manga Spoilers
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The S-Class Heroes continue their fight against the final top ranking monsters of the Monster Association in the newest chapter, so Genos' upcoming self-destruction is bad for even more reasons. With his body continuing to explode with energy thanks to him pushing beyond his limits, Chapter 140 of the series sees Genos resolve himself to self-detonation because he can't hold back the energy anymore.

Fubuki, angry that Genos was willing to sacrifice himself in such away, walks right up to the nearly exploding Genos. He tries to tell her to run, but she simply tells him to shut up. Putting her hands on Genos, she channels her psychic energy to both suppress the heat flow while healing Genos' organic parts. She then fully absorbs all of Genos' excess energy, and keeps him from exploding.

Taking all of this power head on, Fubuki herself instantly feels the feedback of the move and she starts to bleed from her head and mouth as she falls unconscious. But she managed to save both Genos and everyone around them with this move. It's Fubuki's biggest action in this arc so far, and proves that her time with Saitama and the others has changed her too.

She's become far less self-centered (and worried about how she compares to her sister) through this fight, and it means she's now on a more proper path to becoming the leader and hero she wants to be. But what did you think of Fubuki's big moment here? What do you think it means for her future in One-Punch Man overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!