One-Punch Man Shares Look Into Tatsumaki's Tragic Past

One-Punch Man's newest chapter shared a new look into Tatsumaki's tragic past. While there had been hints as to Tatsumaki's upbringing throughout the series in the past, there has always been a mystery surrounding why such a young person is one of the strongest heroes of the Hero Association overall. Although other heroes like Child Emperor have been testing in the current battle against the Monster Association saga, Tatsumaki has maintained a levelheadedness about the entire ordeal. But as the fight against Psykos continues to put her under extreme strain, the newest chapter of the series explored some of her inner thoughts.

Chapter 135 of the series revealed that following the intense amount of psychic power she displayed in the fight against the ever-evolving Psykos, and it appeared that after she exhausted so much of her energy she had lost consciousness. With this loss of consciousness, the chapter then goes into a flashback in which Tatsumaki thinks back to how she eventually became a hero in the first place and her tragic upbringing.

It's revealed in the flashback that she was a young girl being kept in a scientific facility eighteen years before the events of the current chapter. Confined to a dark cell, the flashback sees a genetic monster experiment escape from the lab and all the scientists escape from the building but leave her in her cell. They leave her because her numbers have "leveled off" and they only wanted to save "subjects with greater promise."

One-Punch Man Tatsumaki Tragic Past Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

When the monster makes it to her cell, she gives up and is ready to be eaten by it when the number one hero, Blast (who has yet to make a present day appearance in the series), saves her. When Blast introduces himself to her he asks why she doesn't use the full extent of her power. Knowing that she's hiding it in order to get out of the facility, Tatsumaki breaks down in tears.


She reveals her parents had sold her, and thus feels like no one needs her. But Blast reminds the young Tatsumaki of her younger sister and says she should use her power to protect her family. Following this flashback, Tatsumaki rouses herself back awake as it's provided the extra boost of confidence she needed to continue the fight against Psykos.

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