One-Punch Man Shares Powerful Genos and Tatsumaki Tag Team

One-Punch Man has showed off a powerful Genos and Tatsumaki tag-team in the newest chapter! As Viz [...]

One-Punch Man has showed off a powerful Genos and Tatsumaki tag-team in the newest chapter! As Viz Media's official English licensed release of the series continues in the digital Shonen Jump library, each new chapter of One-Punch Man brings us further into a massive climactic series of battles between the Hero and Monster Associations. Tatsumaki has been in the midst of not only one of the most intense of the arc overall, but the most intense fight she has been a part of to date as she takes on the increasingly stronger psychic strength of Psykos. Ultimately, she ends up needing help.

After exhausting much of her power unrooting Psykos' fused Orochi form from the Earth and saving all the other Class S heroes still inside (Saitama's still somewhere around the Monster Association base, however) she comes into Chapter 135 of the series battered and even fallen unconscious. Thankfully, Genos is there to help when some of Psykos' blasts come her way.

One-Punch Man Genos Tatstumaki Tag Team Spoilers Manga
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Now that Psykos has taken on a fighter jet form in an attempt to keep her body smaller to target as Drive Knight chases her down, but Tatsumaki was briefly taken out of the battle as she has essentially been knocked out following her using so much of her power in a short time. Genos is able to fly to her side and absorb some of the wanton blasts heading her way, and soon she's able to rouse herself awake.

With Tatsumaki now awake and Drive Knight and Genos driving Psykos into a corner, the three of them are able to set up a powerful and hopefully final blast to take out Psykos once and for all as the chapter comes to an end. Psykos is likely one of the final major threats of the Monster Association (as Saitama unknowingly killed the Monster King Orochi already), so this triple threat tag team could be what does the job before Saitama arrives at the scene.

Tatsumaki and Genos have demonstrated some of their strongest abilities in the arc thus far with this fight, and soon we'll see what they can do together more in future chapters! What did you think of this Genos and Tatsumaki tag team in One-Punch Man's newest chapter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!