One-Punch Man Shows Off Tatsumaki's Most Intense Power Yet

One-Punch Man showed off Tatsumaki at her most intensely powerful yet as she takes on the [...]

One-Punch Man showed off Tatsumaki at her most intensely powerful yet as she takes on the increasingly powerful Psykos in the newest chapter of Viz Media's official English language release of the series. Tatsumaki has been the anchor for the last few chapters of the series as the main conflict has transformed from the Monster King Orochi to his psychic right hand monster, Psykos. After absorbing the monster king's body and rising to a towering new size and power, Tatsumaki has been on the ropes thanks to Psykos' seemingly overwhelming telekinetic strength.

That's all changed with Chapter 132 of the series, however as Tatsumaki revealed that she could not fight at full strength for fear of hurting the heroes and innocents that were still making their way through Psykos' massive form. But with Genos rushing to her side to buy her time, Tatsumaki was able to save everyone still trapped in Psykos' body.

With them all free, Tatsumaki then declares that she can now focus on the fight. Enraged, her telekinetic power is enough to hold Psykos' massive body completely still. Angered over the fact that Psykos threatened her sister, Tatsumaki then powers up and even surprises Fubuki with just how strong she's getting from then on.

One-Punch Man Tatsumaki Intense Power Chapter 132 Manga Spoilers
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Gripping her hands together, City Z begins to warp and change. Tatsumaki uses her power to twist the grounds of the entire city, and she pulls Psykos' entire body out of the ground. This pulls the roots of Psykos' tree like form, and then Tatsumaki twists it even further. She then squeezes Psykos and wrings her out like a giant washcloth as geysers of blood squirt out from the roots.

Psykos had shown overwhelming power throughout the fight with Tatsumaki, but now it's been made all too clear that Tatsumaki was merely buying time. Almost placating Psykos despite faced with such tremendous power, it's moments like this one that give Tatsumaki her "Terrible Tornado" moniker among the other heroes. But now what does she have planned next for the fight with this amount of power unleashed? What do you think?

What do you think of the fight between Tatsumaki and Psykos in One-Punch Man? Will this fight bring the war with the Monster Association to an end without a final blow from Saitama? Will Saitama even be involved in the rest of the fight after defeating Orochi? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!