2023 Oscars Nominations Snubbed One of Anime's Most Gorgeous Movies

A new year is here, and of course, that means another chance has come around for the Oscars to snub some of entertainment's best films. From Jordan Peele's Nope to The Woman King, a slew of movies were kept out of the Oscars nomination pool this year. Obviously, anime was shafted yet again as the medium is so often treated, but this year stings worse than ever given the existence of Inu-Oh.

And why is that? Well, it just so happens that Masaaki Yuasa's film is gorgeous to a fault even without its complex tale. So if this anime isn't worthy of an Oscar nomination, what is?

For those who don't know about Inu-Oh, the movie made its debut in early 2022 after a successful launch as the 78th Venice International Film Festival. It is based on a Japanese tale inked by Hideo Furukawa, and Yuasa brings his signature style of storytelling to the film. Set in 14th century Japan, the movie tells the story of a unique dancer named Inu-Oh who is ostracized for their looks. After befriending a blind musician named Tomona, the pair travel across Japan to share their art with the world regardless of their looks, and they experience highs (and lows) along the way.

From start to finish, Inu-Oh is larger than life, but it celebrates a number of quiet themes along the way. The best word to describe the movie is extravagant, and critics were quick to agree. With a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Inu-Oh is one of the best animated films of 2022... but the Oscars definitely did not get the memo. So if you want to treat yourself to a visual feast, well – we recommend you check out Inu-Oh ASAP!

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