Overlord Anime To Get Second Season

This last weekend the new anime film Overlord: The Dark Warrior was released in Japan. With the [...]

This last weekend the new anime film Overlord: The Dark Warrior was released in Japan. With the release of the new film, it was also revealed that the Overlord television anime series will be also be receiving a second season. Before the film there was a new announcement video to get fans excited for the new season.

The new compilation film is the second one released in Japan this year, following the first one released in February, Overlord: The Undead King. These films have the same titles as the first two titles of the original light novel series they are based off of. The new films added brand new scenes, and new characters designed by the character designer from the original novel.

Overlord's first anime series came out in 2015 in Japan. Funimation simulcast the first anime series, and and is currently available to stream online with Subs and Dubbed in English as well. If you are unfamiliar with the story behind the series, it takes place in the future, 2138, where virtual reality gaming is everything. One popular game that many play, randomly shuts down one day. However the main character, Momonga, decides to not log out when the game shuts down. He is then transformed into a skeleton and becomes "the most powerful wizard". As the game is shut down things began to change inside the virtual world, such as the fact that NPCs (non-player characters) began to feel emotion. Momonga decides that this new world is a place he will take over, and become the ruler or everything, filling the void he has in the real world.

The original light novel series that the anime is based off of, first appeared online in 2010. The novels reached a big audience in Japan and were an overall success. So much so, that the company, Yen Press went on to bring the novel series to North America as well. The company most recently released the third volume in January.

More good news for Overlord fans, it was also announced that in celebration of the new compilation film released on Saturday, the company will be partnering with Machi Asobi Cafe for an Overlord cafe. Fans excited about the second news can enjoy dishes all based around Overlord, at the Overlord Compilation Film Celebratory Collab Cafe from March 11-20 at the Machi Asobi Cafe in Tokyo.