Pokemon Anime Confirms Return of Ash's Old Pokemon

Pokemon Journeys: The Series will bring back many of Ash's old Pokemon in at least upcoming [...]

Pokemon Journeys: The Series will bring back many of Ash's old Pokemon in at least upcoming episode, and it appears that at least one of his Pokemon will be battling alongside him once more. The Pokemon Company released a new trailer for the Japanese version of Pokemon Journeys: The Series, which gave fans a first look at upcoming scenes in the popular anime. Not only will we see the return of both Iris and Gary in upcoming episodes, the trailer confirmed that Ash will have another reunion with many of his old Pokemon, marking the first time that many of these Pokemon have appeared in nearly eight years.

One major moment from the anime shows Ash surrounded by many of his old Pokemon, including Charizard, Snorlax, Donphan, Snorlax, Talonflame, Bayleef, and Heracross. Another clip from the trailer shows Ash and his Infernape battling Moltres alongside Gary and his Electivire and Goh and his Cinderace. It's unclear if this is all part of the same episode or if Ash will be bringing along some of his older Pokemon on the next leg of his journey. Many of Ash's older Pokemon have not appeared in the Pokemon anime series since the end of Pokemon the Series: Black & White, when Ash made a pit stop at Pallet Town before traveling to the Kalos region. Ash didn't use any of his old Pokemon in Pokemon the Series: X & Y, and only a handful of Ash's Pokemon appeared when Ash returned to Pallet Town during a school trip in Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon.

The trailer also shows off Ash's battle with his former traveling partner Iris, and the debut of the mysterious Project Mew, a group of Pokemon trainers who are seeking out Mew for an unknown purpose. It also appears that Ash and Goh will finally travel to Galar's Crown Tundra, as both characters can be seen wearing the same winter jumpsuits that characters use in that region. No release date has been given for these episodes in the United States.