Pokemon Anime Teases the Return of Fat Pikachu

Pokemon fans have been tuning into the series' anime week after week as of late. When the show put out its new season, viewers were ready to see how Ash Ketchum would thrive following his win at the Alola League. Now, the boy is doing his best while traveling with his friend Go around the regions, but the Galar region is still up for exploration. And thanks to a new synopsis, fans know the anime may bring back Fat Pikachu before too long.

As you might know, Fat Pikachu remains a fan-favorite piece of the franchise's lore. Pokemon originally designed Ash's partner to be on the thick side, and that was seen in the video games and anime. After some years, Pikachu was made slimmer to ensure easier animation, but fans are all about the chonky boy. In fact, Pokemon Sword and Shield brought about the return of Fat Pikachu with its Gigantamaxing technique.

Now, the synopsis for episode 13 of Pokemon: The Series has gone live, and it bodes well for Pikachu. It turns out Ash is going to get a chance to fight Dende (or Leon rather) who stands as the Galar Champion, but a Dynamax spot is set to change the tides of the battle.

"Following the match at the Pokemon tournament, a Dreadnaw ends up Dynamaxing in the stadium. Ash and Go confront it, but then Ash's Pikachu gets shrouded in a red light," the translation reads (via Arkeus88).

As you can see, it turns out Pikachu is going to be effected by a Dynamax spot no matter what. Now, fans are curious to see whether the starter will simple grow large or Gigantamax all the way. After all, the in-game shift sees Pikachu pack on pounds when he Gigantamaxes, so here's to hoping fans are not let down by this curious teaser.


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