Pokemon Will Likely Never Revive Pikachu's Missing Evolution

It is no secret; Pokemon has done up and then ditched dozens of pocket monsters over its tenure. [...]

It is no secret; Pokemon has done up and then ditched dozens of pocket monsters over its tenure. To date, the franchise has scrapped plenty of Pokemon it has considered bringing into its anime and video games. Pokemon historians are often happy to share details about these lost souls, and Pikachu's lost evolution is often talked about by these folks. Just, don't ever expect for The Pokemon Company to revive good-old Gorochu.

Recently, Pokemon fans were given an update on the lost Pikachu evolution from a popular Pokemon historian. Dr. Lava highlighted the terrifying third evolution in a recent post, and it was there fans learned The Pokemon Company has little interest in introducing Gorochu to the actual franchise.

According to Dr. Lava, a previous interview was done with Junichi Masuda, one of the most iconic developers on Pokemon's video games. It was there the director was asked if Gorochu might ever rejoin the series, and Masuda did not beat around the bush.

"I would say the chances are low," the director revealed.

For fans, this denial is upsetting as the designs for Gorochu are unlike any in the Pikachu family. The iconic electric-type debuted with the original series, and he's since become the mascot for Pokemon. Two evolutions were eventually introduced with Pichu and Raichu, but Gorochu was something special. The fiery orange pocket monster never got to evolve from Raichu thanks to limited storage space on Pokemon Red and Blue. And now, it seems like no part of The Pokemon universe will get to meet Gorochu in turn. That means anime fans will never get to see another addition to the Pikachu family despite all of their best wishes. For now, the species will be represented by Ash's Pikachu as always, and the buddy has been doing well during his recent Alolan League matches.

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