Pokemon Makes Hilarious Ghostbuster Nod in Latest Episode

When it comes to Pokemon, there is no limit on what the series will do for easter eggs. Time and [...]

When it comes to Pokemon, there is no limit on what the series will do for easter eggs. Time and again, the anime has not only made reference to itself but to other series around the world. Most recently, fans were reminded of this when this year's new Pokemon anime went live, and its most recent episode gave a nod to the world's best paranormal hunters, the Ghostbusters.

Just, it seems that Pokemon has a new slogan in mind for the team. Instead of calling up the Ghostbusters like usual, Pokemon: The Series wants you to call Team Rocket for a quote.

As you can see below, the latest episode of Pokemon saw the trio on a mission as always. Jesse and James are eager to catch strong monsters in this series even if that means going to extreme lengths. For James, his dedication convinced him to wear a backpack device similar to the one seen in the Ghostbusters films all so he could catch a Gengar.

If there's something strange....In your neighborhood... Who you gonna call? Team Rocket!! from r/pokemon

The anime's new episode saw the Gengar undergo some ordeals before he finally found a new trainer in Ash. Team Rocket were interested in getting their hands on the Ghost-type, so James felt it was best to suck up Gengar a la Ghostbusters. Gengar did not even see the technique coming, and it goes without saying the Pokemon wasn't happy to be crammed into a canister after being sucked into it.

The episode sparked chatter online immediately thanks to this reference, and fans are loving Team Rocket's unconventional plan. A slew of gamers have likened the easter egg to Luigi's Mansion thanks to its clever vacuum design, but James has a ways to go before he could catch King Boo. After all, Gengar does manage to escape, and that is a rookie move which even Dr. Vinkman would shame.

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