'Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution' Shares First Trailer

Pokemon is plenty busy these days, and it seems the franchise’s anime is ready to step out with [...]

Pokemon is plenty busy these days, and it seems the franchise's anime is ready to step out with a big venture. After all, a brand-new movie is slated to join the canon, and the first trailer for Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is here.

Recently, the first teaser trailer for the Pokemon film went live in Japan. The clip, which can be seen below, was released just in time for the New Year.

So, if you have been missing Mewtwo something fierce, then prepare your heart for a warm reunion.

As you can see above, the super-short clip highlights Mewtwo as expected. The legendary Pokemon is seen flying high in the sky as cloud cover rests below him. With his eyes narrowed, Mewtwo looks plenty determined in his entirely CGI form, and the clip comes to an end with the Pokemon encountering what appears to be Mew. In fact, it appears Mewtwo has been chasing his predecessor throughout the entire teaser, so it looks like the Pokemon has a bone to pick with his little... friend?

So far, no details have been released about the next Pokemon movie, but a release date has been confirmed. The film will go live in Japan on July 12, 2019. The upcoming film will be the third released by The Pokemon Company in recent years which loosely reboot the anime's classic movies from the early 2000s.

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For those interested, the anime's latest film Pokemon: The Power of Us is currently available on home video and is described as follows:

"Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us tells the story of Ash and Pikachu as they journey to a small seaside town filled with a diverse set of characters, including a young athlete, a compulsive liar, a shy researcher, a bitter old woman, and a little girl with a big secret.

Every year, the townspeople gather to celebrate the Legendary Pokémon Lugia, who brings the wind that saved the town from destruction many years ago. The festival is a time for celebration, with a Pokémon Catching Race and a ceremonial flame burning brightly to summon Lugia. But when a series of incidents threatens not just the festival, but all the people and Pokémon who call the town home, it's going to take more than just Ash and Pikachu to save the day. Will these people be able to put aside their differences and work together to rescue their town? Or will it all end in destruction?"