Pokemon Premiere Reveals Pikachu's Emotional Evolution From a Pichu

When it comes to Pokemon, fans think they know the whole story. Ash Ketchum still has plenty of [...]

When it comes to Pokemon, fans think they know the whole story. Ash Ketchum still has plenty of journeys to experience, and he will do them alongside Pikachu. Of course, the pocket monster is a favorite with fans, and they believe to know all there is to Pikachu. But thanks to an all-new episode, fans know the hero went through a lot before he met Ash.

Today, the new Pokemon anime went live, and it has received rave praise from fans. Calling the premiere a return to form, the episode was a recap which caught fans up with Ash and teased his future journey. This new episode dove into Pikachu's past where fans learned the fellow was a Pichu at birth, and his transformation into a Pikachu was heart-wrenching to say the least.

So if you are not ready to cry over a Pokemon, back away slowly.

As the episode reveals in its final moments, Pichu ended up evolving into the Pikachu we know and love for a specific reason. Pichu was alone from the start, leaving the critter to roam the Kanto region alone as he looked for family. He found one when a wild Kangaskhan appeared and adopted Pichu while taking care of their own young.

The small family got along, but Pichu began feeling guilty after Kangaskhan's young nearly died when the mom attending to Pichu with food. Determined to become self-sufficient, Pichu used all of the friendship he acquired with Kangaskhan to evolve. The emotional moment took place outside of their home as Pichu shed a single tear before evolving. With a final goodbye, Pikachu went bounding into the Kanto region where he eventually met Ash, and fans know the story from there on out. And thanks to this episode, those fans know a bit more about Pikachu and his earliest days.

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Pokemon: The Series will be officially making its debut November 17th in Japan, and the first episode of the new series is titled "Birth of Pikachu." The synopsis for it reads as such, "In a forest somewhere in Kanto, there once was a lonely Pichu. This Pichu – who was still quite young – had a certain encounter and farewell. This took place shortly before Ash and his partner Pikachu started travelling together. This is the beginning of the anime 'Pocket Monster.'"