Will the Pokemon Anime Revisit Ash In the Future?

It is the end of an era. After decades together with fans, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu are getting ready to say goodbye. Pokemon confirmed its next anime series will be introducing new protagonists as Ash carries on his adventures off-screen. As you can imagine, the fandom is still grappling with this reveal just weeks ahead of Ash's exit, so can you blame the fans for wondering whether the hero will be gone for good?

Seriously, it is hard to imagine Pokemon without Ash, and for good reason. The hero has been with the IP every step of the way. Fans know the anime just as well as they know the video games, so this major change has netizens unmoored. Pokemon without Ash is an unthinkable reality for many, but hopefully, the hero will be visited in the future.

In recent interviews, The Pokemon Company has made it clear Ash is stepping out of the anime as its lead, but that doesn't mean the trainer cannot appear in spurts moving forward. Recently, executive Kunihiko Yuyama spoke with Otomedia about Pokemon's new era, and it was there Ash Ketchum came up in conversation. The director admitted he "thinks we'll see Satoshi again somewhere in the future"  (via Dogasu) but what could that look like?

Depending on how the new Pokemon anime is set, Ash could pop into the series easily enough. Many have speculated the new series will take place after a time skip when Ash is older, but as long as the show is in the same universe, the hero can make a comeback. But if Pokemon explores an AU with its new show, Ash's return will be relegated to the big screen.

After all, it has been a long time since we have heard from Pokemon's film department. The last anime movie to go live was set in Ash's AU timeline, and if we are being honest, this timeline may be the best suited to carry on with Ash. While new heroes Liko and Roy will need movies of their own, the occasional AU entry with Ash and Pikachu would tickle the fandom's nostalgia bone. So if Yuyama needs pitches on Ash's future, maybe he and the team should look to the theaters. 

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