This Pokemon Halloween Pumpkin Brings Gastly to Life

Pokemon has a surprising number of pocket monsters that seem to be tailor made for Halloween. From [...]

Pokemon has a surprising number of pocket monsters that seem to be tailor made for Halloween. From ghost types to bone wielding monsters to creatures baring more claws and fans than you can shake a pumpkin at, the long running anime franchise is right for the picking for those looking to combine the series with All Hallows Eve. One Poke-fan has managed to do just that creating a pumpkin that manages to take the ghost type pocket monster of Gastly and bring it to life using some amazing effects (along with a bit of elbow grease).

Reddit User Michael14375 shared their amazing creation, coloring a pumpkin black, etching Gastly's features into the "face", and as the coup de grace, adding some purple smoke to give this Halloween ornament the perfect effect to mimic the spooky Pokemon:

This guy has won Halloween! from r/pokemon

Gastly is a member of the original first generation of Pokemon, making up the initial stable of around one hundred and fifty pocket monsters that appeared early on in the anime and in the video games of Pokemon: Red and Pokemon: Blue. Gastly happens to be the weakest version of the Pokemon, having two evolutions where it can eventually power up and become Haunter, and then, subsequently, Gengar.

First appearing in the anime during the episode titled "The Ghost Of Maiden's Peak", this particular Gastly had the ability to actually talk with those it encountered and even managed to transform into the form of a young woman. While making numerous appearances in the future of the franchise, Gastly also was well known to be the pocket monster of Officer Jenny, a law enforcement official in the world of Pokemon. This of course is somewhat surprising considering Gastly's horrific appearance as you would expect this spooky Pokemon to appear with the likes of Team Rocket, instead of enforcing the law against organizations such as theirs.

Though Gastly may appear to be a ghost, it is not the returning spirit of a human that had died but just a pocket monster that happens to look like the traditional form that a ghost would take. With the popular ghost type creature appearing in each iteration of the Pokemon video games, it's practically a guarantee that Gastly will be appearing in the Nintendo Switch exclusive game coming up later this year, Pokemon: Sword and Shield.

If you're looking for more Pokemon Halloween events, the mobile game of Pokemon Go is currently running a Halloween event for players around the world!

What do you think of this amazing Pokemon Pumpkin using the appearance of the ghost pocket monster, Gastly? What other Halloween Pokemon decorations do you know of? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Pokemon!