Pokemon Journeys Promo Sets Up Next Eeveelution Debut

Pokemon Journeys is getting ready for a new Eeeveelution with the promo for the next episode of the series! The series might currently be working through its climax with the latest episodes of the series running overseas, but it's going to be taking a brief break for just a little bit. With the quarterfinals round of the Masters Tournament coming to an end with the latest episode, the series will be taking a step aside before the next round kicks off in full. It seems that Chloe is making some big advancements on her own, and we'll see how this shakes out soon enough.

The previous episodes of the series have previously revealed that Chloe had formed an interest in seeking out Pokemon Contests together with her Eevee after getting words of encouragement from both Dawn and Serena. It's yet to be revealed whether or not she will continue to pursue this path in full, but what has been revealed is that she's making some major strides toward her future. The next episode of the series teases we'll see her Eevee involved, and you can check out the promo for Pokemon Journeys Episode 119 below from the anime's official Twitter account: 

Episode 119 of Pokemon Journeys is titled "[Chloe] and Eevee, the possibilities are endless!" and the synopsis for the episode teases it as such, "[Chloe] and Eevee have experienced encounters with various evolutionary forms. [Chloe] is worried about what Eevee wants to evolve into...Seeing this, her father, [Professor Cerise] invites her to a camp. At the camp, [Chloe] hears about [Professor Cerise's] childhood encounters, farewells, and about evolution. The possibilities are endless. What is the future that [Chloe] chooses for Eevee?" 

It won't be too much longer until the Masters Tournament kicks back in, however, as the semifinals matches between the final contestants starts off in full. With the anime working through its climax with both Ash and Goh, maybe it's time for Chloe's climax in her journey too. We'll see soon enough, but what do you hope to see from Pokemon Journeys' next episode? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!