Pokemon Journeys Finally Brings Cynthia Back to the Anime

Pokemon Journeys: The Series finally reintroduced Cynthia to the anime with the newest episode of the series! The newest iteration of the series has reached a new phase as Ash continues to climb his way through the Ultra Class of the World Coronation Series. He's been up against some tough foes on the way up, and even some familiar faces from his past through the matches so far, but he'll be coming up against some even stronger, and more familiar faces as he tries to make his way into the Top 8 of the Master Class. 

This includes some actual Pokemon League Champions, and while we have seen some already in action in previous episodes, the newest episode of Pokemon Journeys officially brought back the fan favorite Sinnoh League Champion, Cynthia, to the anime. Not only did her return confirm that she is indeed part of the Master Eight, but there are some big seeds planted for a potential match between the two in the anime's future as Ash still makes his way through the rest of the World Coronation Series in the attempt to face Galar Champion Leon once again. 

Cynthia came back to the Pokemon anime with Episode 83 of Pokemon Journeys. This episode sees Ash and Goh heading to the Johto region to investigate strange stories of a town that has been covered in the night sky, and surprisingly, the two of them run into Cynthia. Cynthia explains that while she's a Champion, she's also known for her archaeology and research and had come to the Johto region to investigate the same thing. Upon seeing Ash once again, she reveals that she knows he's in the World Coronation Series (building off the the previous tease of Cynthia watching his battle with Volkner), and confirms that she's in the Masters Eight. 

She then helps Ash and Goh get to the bottom of what's going on, and even gets to show off a bit in a battle with Garchomp later in the episode. It's not a huge return, but it's a proper reintroduction to the anime for new fans just jumping onto the series now and plants the seeds for her potential return to the series later in a much more combative capacity as part of Ash's rise through the World Coronation Series. But how do you feel about Cynthia coming back to the Pokemon anime again? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!