New Pokemon Journeys Synopsis Teases a Bodybuilding Magikarp

Pokemon Journeys has become a source of joy for so many fans around the world, and it is releasing [...]

Pokemon Journeys has become a source of joy for so many fans around the world, and it is releasing new content every week. After being delayed for so long, the Pokemon anime has made a comeback this month with brand-new episodes, and there is another on the way. And thanks to a new synopsis, fans know this upcoming episode will introduce a very special bodybuilding Magikarp to the fandom at large.

Recently, the new synopsis for Pokemon Journeys's episode 26 went live. It was there fans learned Ash and Goh will sign up for a competition next week that pits Magikarp against one another. But when Goh finds his partner to be too out of shape, the trainer decides to train his Magikarp into a full-on bodybuilder.

"Goh has entered a Magikarp High Jump Tournament, but he's highly unlikely to win because his Magikarp is so fat. He then decides to train Magikarp, referring to the bodybuilding videos made by Kasuking, the tournament's undisputed champion, the synopsis reads.

As you can see, Goh will be none too impressed with his fat Magikarp. The poor fish hasn't had the chance to exercise much, but his trainer wants to change that. Goh will lean on the teachings of a famous bodybuilder who trains Magikarp for the tournament. This means Goh, Ash, and their Pokemon are about to get swole whether they want to or not.

Of course, the idea of a bodybuilding Magikarp is pretty hilarious, and fans are eager to see how Goh does in the tournament. The trainer has not had the best of luck working with Pokemon, but he is trying to be better with Raboot for instance. And with Ash around to help him, it will not take much for Goh to become a worthy trainer before too long! At least, we hope so!

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