Pokemon Journeys Teases Ash and Goh's Fight Against Eternatus

Pokemon Journeys debuted a brand new opening theme sequence with its newest episode, and it featured one major surprise with the tease of Ash and Goh's future battle against the Pokemon Sword and Shield legendary Eternatus. The newest opening theme sequence features a lot of surprising moments that outright spoil some major events coming in the series, but this dramatic scene is definitely one of the most poignant considering that it might be far from where the series is now. But that hasn't stopped the new opening from giving us a peek into the anime's potential far off future.

Then again, Pokemon Journeys has been different from many of the anime seasons in the past considering much of the pace changes this time around. Both Ash and Goh have caught several surprising additions to their teams within a little over 30 episodes into the new season's run, and Eternatus has already been teased in the anime proper. This Eternatus battle tease seems different, however.

The image in question sees a lingering Eternatus in its Eternamax form as Ash and Goh prepare to take it on with their Lucario and Cinderace. Not only was this prominent just because of its inclusion in the new opening, but because the official Twitter account for the Pokemon anime series pointed it out even further by sharing a direct screenshot of the potential future battle itself with fans. Check it out:


But what do you think of this surprising Eternatus tease in the newest opening for the anime? Were you excited to see Pokemon Journeys tease this Eternatus battle in the new opening? When do you think the anime will reach this point? What are your favorite moments from the new opening theme sequence? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!