Latest Pokemon Journeys Opening Confirms Two Major Evolutions

Pokemon Journeys has gone above and beyond when it comes to shaking up the anime franchise. Over the decades, fans grew to expect certain beats in the series, but this new season promised to do away with the tropes. So far, fans around the world agree Pokemon Journeys has successfully renovated the anime, and a new opening has netizens even more excited for what's to come in future episodes.

After all, the new opening aired with Pokemon Journeys this week did not hold back. Anime fans know any opening sequence is likely stuffed with spoilers, but some are harder to translate than others. The new reel for Pokemon Journeys couldn't have been easier to decipher, and one tease points to two major evolutions.

pokemon journeys evolutions

You can see the still below for yourself if you want to see what's coming for Ash and Goh. The impressive opening features a shot of Ash standing with Pikachu to his back-left. The same goes for Goh as he stands on the opposite side of Ash. But instead of Raboot being next to him, fans are introduced to Cinderace who must have evolved at some point.

The Galar starter is joined by his own friend, and it turns out the rival in question is not Pikachu. Ash is seen with a Lucario here as he must have helped Riolu level up and transform. These evolutions are important as they confirm the two pocket monsters are only going to become more important as the anime carries forward. And if you look into the distance, you can see these two Pokemon are fighting none other than Eternatus himself, which is either very brave or very foolish. These evolutions will have a lot riding on them one day, but for now, fans are simply excited to see how Riolu and Raboot unlock their evolved forms.

Does this spoiler surprise you any...? Or did you expect the evolutions to show up in Pokemon Journeys no matter what? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!