New Pokemon Journeys Opening Confirms the Return of Alola

Pokemon Journeys has been fielding fan-requests without even knowing it, but there are a few that haven't been answered yet. For one, there are plenty of fans who want the anime to revisit the Alola region, but Pokemon Journeys has yet to head there. But thanks to a new opening, fans know it will not be long before Ash revisits the tropical region with Goh by his side.

The surprising reveal was made when Pokemon put out its new episode this weekend. The anime promised to share its next opening this week, and fans know any anime opening is likely to drop spoilers. However, no one expected Pokemon Journeys to be so forward with its teases.

In one of the opening scenes, fans are taken back to Alola, and it would be putting things lightly to say fans were excited. Netizens have been wanting to revisit Alola for some time now, and that fervor has yet to die down. Despite Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon being set in the tropical region, fans cannot get enough of the locale and its heroes.

After all, the scene from the opening shows c characters like Mallow and Kiwae back together. Sophocles and Lana are also in the group shot, and the four are having a great time with their Pokemon. Sadly, Lillie is missing in this shot, but fans are hoping this Pokemon heroine will show up in the Alola arc. After all, it is about time Ash reunited with his friends, and this trip paves the way for other much-wanted arcs like a Kalos.

Are you happy to know Ash will be revisiting the Alola region once more...? What do you want to see happen on this trip? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!