Pokemon Journeys Teases the Arrival the Sword and Shield Legendaries

Pokemon Journeys has been a wild ride from the start, and the show has barely even started. The latest season of Pokemon promised to do things that the series has never done before. That is why fans were so excited to see a new opening debut on Pokemon Journeys that's filled with spoilers, and one of the teases has to do with two Legendary Pokemon.

You can check out the full opening for yourself up above. The reel is the second to join the anime, and this one came swinging with spoilers. Not only does the clip tease a visit to the Alola region, but it checks in on all of the Legendary Pokemon such as Zamazenta and Zacien.

Yes, it appears the two Legendary Pokemon of the Galar region will factor into this new series. There is no word on how the pair will show up, but Pokemon Journeys has given them a big opening. After all, its new intro features a scene where Ash and Goh are looking at the legendaries of each region. These two are shown at the end when the reel reaches Galar, so fans are excited to see the monsters in action.

pokemon journeys legendary
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

After all, Zamazenta and Zacien have an interesting history within the Galar region. The latest Pokemon games made that clear, and fans were interested in the pair's past. After all, the creature is said to have lived much of its life as a statue after being an active Pokemon back in the day. Zamazenta and Zacien are credited with saving the Galar region long ago alongside some royalty, so fans are hoping these Legendaries find Ash more than worthy enough to work with.

How do you think these Legendary Pokemon will fit into the anime? And should other regional legends make an appearance in Pokemon Journeys? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!