Pokemon Journeys Shares Ash's Newest Battle With Greninja

Pokemon Journeys has finally brought Ash Ketchum's fan favorite Greninja back to the anime after so many years away, and the newest episode of the series demonstrated just how strong their bond still is with a cool new battle! Over the course of the newest iteration of the franchise, fans have seen Ash taking on all kinds of new challenges as he makes his way up the ranks of a worldwide tournament. This has brought him face to face with a number of familiar characters from the past, and this even included many of the Pokemon Ash has actually teamed up with over the years as well.

After seeing many of Ash's Pokemon making their return to the franchise in previous episodes, and even teaming up Ash on a few occasions, the newest episode of the series finally checked off one of the final ones off of many fans' lists with Greninja's return to the anime in Pokemon Journeys. With Ash seeking out this past favorite for help in bettering his aura connection with Lucario, the newest episode shows off Ash still has a very close connection with Greninja that has not weakened in the slightest despite all of their years apart. 

Episode 108 of Pokemon Journeys sees Ash and Lucario heading to a forest in the Kalos region to seek out Greninja's help, and it's soon revealed that Ash can feel Greninja's presence despite not exactly knowing where Greninja actually is in the forest. Ash just knows his Pokemon is in the area, and soon he tracks down Greninja's aura to a new kind of battle as the Pokemon is dealing with a ton of evil looking roots. Then Ash quickly commands his Greninja in the battle, and Greninja just as quickly accepts his tactics in the battle. 

The two of them are able to strengthen themselves rather quickly through this connection, and it's clear that their time together was good enough to make an impact on them so many years later. At the same time, it's also what Lucario needs to succeed to better his own aura connection with Ash, and hopefully it's enough to carry them further into the future as they take on even bigger battles than ever before. Too bad Greninja won't be sticking around for longer. 


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