Pokemon Journeys Cliffhanger Introduces Sobble to Fans

The newest episode of Pokemon Journeys: The Series brought Ash Ketchum and new hero Goh back to the Galar region from Pokemon Sword and Shield, and while Ash already managed to sneak in a surprise catch, the end of the episode introduced the fan favorite Starter Pokemon, Sobble, to the anime series. Just as the last time they found themselves in the Galar region, Ash and Goh headed that way in order to see a new battle between the Champion Leon and Dragon Gym Trainer Raihan.

Since they were in no rush to leave, the two of them decide to hang around and catch a few Pokemon. Ash Ketchum's first official catch from the new Galar region ended up being a variation of one of the older Kanto region Pokemon with Farfetch'd, but the end of Episode 27 sees a camouflaged Sobble make its way behind them before quickly scurrying away.

As fans have come to learn from the Starter in Pokemon Shield and Sword, its main personality quirk is its shyness and quickness to fear, and that's already apparent with the cliffhanger debut as it wants nothing to do with Ash or Goh before it tries to get away from them. But now the major question is...who will catch this Starter?

Every generation introduces the Starters to the anime with each new season, and while sometimes Ash Ketchum does manage to team up with all of them, many seasons of the anime see the Starters split up over his group. With Goh tagging along with his adventures this season (who already owns the new Fire type Starter Pokemon for the season), fans have been wondering whether or not Sobble would end up with Ash. But with him just catching a new member of his team in the newest episode, Sobble might not be looking his way. But what do you think of this cliffhanger?


Which trainer do you think Sobble will end up with at the end of the day? Would you rather Sobble join Ash or Goh's team? You think we'll find out with the next episode of Pokemon Journeys: The Series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!