Pokemon Journeys Dub Surprises Fans with One Name Change

It might have taken its time coming here, but Pokemon Journeys has finally landed in the U.S. The [...]

It might have taken its time coming here, but Pokemon Journeys has finally landed in the U.S. The latest Pokemon anime made its way over thanks to an exclusive deal with Netflix, and a slew of dubbed episodes are available to watch right now if you're ready. Of course, diehard fans of the franchise were eager to check out the anime, and the dub has been met with praise by just about everyone. However, there is one translation change that has made fans scratch their heads, and they'd like to know why it was even called for.

For those who have seen the new dubbed anime, they will know Ash starts off easily enough back in the Kanto region. He is thrilled to meet Professor Sakuragai who encourages Ash to continue his journey. Ash agrees to do so after meeting a boy named Goh, but as the pair make it to Galar to witness the region's famed World Champion, the dub switches things up.

The official dub translates the name of the Pokemon World Championships to the World Coronation Series. This little switch may not seem like much to you, but it has definitely upset fans online. The flowery title has confused fans what title this tournament leads up to and whether we really have to refer to Leon as a king.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

After all, Pokemon Sword and Shield did confirm there is actual royalty in the region, so it would seem odd to consider this tournament a coronation series. Fans are confused about why the names Pokemon World Championship or even Pokemon World Tournament were not used. Some have speculated this is because The Pokemon Company has a real-life TCG/VG event called the Pokemon World Tournament each year... and that is about it. For now, fans will have too simply accept the change or carry on using their original verbiage if they aren't willing to budge on the topic.

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