How To Watch Pokemon Journeys

Pokemon Journeys is the latest season of pocket monsters that has been receiving some serious fan [...]

Pokemon Journeys is the latest season of pocket monsters that has been receiving some serious fan fare thanks in part to taking Ash Ketchum's quest to becoming the best pocket monster trainer in the world, and now the series can be watched on the popular streaming service of Netflix! With Ash being joined by his new friend Go on his quest to battle more powerful trainers and capture stronger creatures to add to his battling roster, it's no surprise to see the excitement that has been held by fans following the announcement that the streaming service would be bringing Pokemon Journeys to North America!

Following the previous anime season of Pokemon Sun And Moon, Ash Ketchum is on the top of the world as he was able to succeed at becoming the champion of the Alola League Tournament, winning his first championship in his career! With Ash going on a "victory lap", the latest season has done an amazing job of giving Ketchum some of the most powerful partners in his career. With the likes of Dragonite and Gengar becoming a part of Ash's stable, it's clear why Pokemon Journeys has been the talk of the anime community since its debut.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

On top of Pokemon Journeys, Netflix also has a ton of other season and episodes from the Pokemon anime, giving fans of the series the opportunity to dive back into the adventures of Ash in different locales, if not experience them for the first time! Unlike One Piece which is currently also available on streaming services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu to name a few, Netflix is the premiere location to watch the latest adventures of Ash and his new pal Go travelling the world.

A big selling point of Pokemon Journeys has been watching Ash and his trusty Pikachu travelling to different locations all around the world, including the big new environment that was introduced in Pokemon Sword And Shield in the Galar Region! With the series focusing on Ash working toward defeating the current Galar Champion, Leon, we're sure to see more of the world that was introduced on the Nintendo Switch as Pokemon Journeys continues!

On top of the television series, Netflix also has a number of Pokemon feature length films within their library, such as Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution and Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!

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