Pokemon Journeys Title Teases the Anime's End

Pokemon has had a busy fall so far, and it seems things are only about to ramp up for the franchise. While sales of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet push ahead, fans are keeping a close eye on the anime in the meantime. After all, the start of a brand-new generation means an anime overhaul is on the way. Now, it seems we are getting closer to that turnover, and we have a special Pokemon Journeys title to thank.

The update came from Japan as its TV Guide listing posted a new episode title. It was there fans learned December 16th has a special release on the way, and it will kickstart a new adventure for our heroes.

And the title is? It is none other than "Ash and Go! Embark on a New Journey!"

At this point, fans aren't sure what the future of Pokemon Journeys holds, but it seems Ash will carry on with the franchise. This much was confirmed in a recent interview with two TV Tokyo executives. During the chat, the network president confirmed Pokemon will keep up with Ash as he embarks on a new journey. But of course, we are not sure what that role will look like.

As for Goh, things are even more uncertain for the trainer. The boy just brought Project Mew to a close, after all. After a harrowing battle with Kyogre and Groudon, fans watched this past week as Goh came face to face with Mew. The boy has come to terms with not catching the Legendary now, but his desire to see all the world's Pokemon has only become stronger. If the boy wants to reach his goal, he'll have to come up with travel plans outside of Ash, so the odds of Goh parting ways with his mentor are growing by the day. 

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