Pokemon Journeys Teases Mew's Location in New Promo

Pokemon Journeys: The Series is teasing Mew's location in a new promo! The newest iteration of the anime brought the Kanto Legendary Mew back to the franchise to serve as new hero Goh's ultimate goal as he is vowing to catch Mew someday. Although he didn't quite catch it as his first Pokemon as he originally intended, the Legendary has been in the back of Goh's mind ever since. Now that the series is preparing to launch a brand new arc bringing Mewtwo back to the anime, it seems Mew might be tagging along with this new adventure as well if a new synopsis is anything to go by.

A new synopsis for Episode 46 of the series, titled "Battle & Get! The Return of Mewtwo" (as spotted by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter) teases that Ash and Goh will be heading to a new island in search of Mew...but find another familiar face instead. As it begins, "Psychic energy thought to belong to Mew had been confirmed at Cello Island in the distant seas, so [Ash and Goh] head there to investigate, filled with excitement."

But as the synopsis continues,it seems that Ash and Goh will be coming to battle against Mewtwo rather than finding Mew, "The two make their way through the harsh environment on the island with the help with their Pokemon in search of Mew. And at the end of their adventure, they encounter...not Mew, but Mewtwo! A battle with [Ash and Goh's] dreams at stake now begins!"

Are you excited to see Mewtwo (and potentially Mew) make their way back to the Pokemon anime in Pokemon Journeys' next episode? How do you think the huge battle against Mewtwo will go? What are you hoping to see with Mewtwo's return to the franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!