Pokemon Journeys Previews Mewtwo Arc with New Blurb

Pokemon Journeys has followed the adventures of Ash and his new pal Goh as they have tried to collect some of the strongest pocket monsters that they've ever come into contact with, but it seems as if the anime is throwing the two trainers one heck of a curve ball as a new promo details the upcoming return of the all powerful Pokemon known as Mewtwo. With Mewtwo making his initial appearance in the first feature length film of the franchise, his upcoming arrival is sure to get fans talking based on what we've seen so far!

Mewtwo, for those who might not be familiar, was the clone of the ancient Pokemon known as Mew who was created by scientists working for Team Rocket and had come to blows with Ash, Misty, and Brock during the first film. While the psychic creature came insanely close to killing Ash Ketchum, the trainer was saved thanks in part to Mew, along with Mewtwo understanding that Ash was not trying to hurt him and the cloned Pokemon that the psychic juggernaut was attempting to protect. Mewtwo has appeared in the anime series a handful of times to date, even returning in a sequel movie to boot, so it should be interesting to see how Ash and Goh deal with the insanely strong creation!

Twitter User Anipoke Fandom shared the upcoming episode summaries for Pokemon Journeys, hinting at the return of Metwo along with the conclusion of the Galar Region visit, as well as the nefarious new plan of Team Rocket in their attempts to steal Ash's Pikachu once and for all:

Pokemon Journeys has seen Ash performing a "victory tour" after the long awaited moment of winning a tournament in the Alola Region has come and gone, focusing on capturing some of the biggest pocket monsters that he has ever encountered. With his roster being rounded out with the likes of Pikachu, Dragonite, and Galar to name a few, Ash has his sights set clearly on defeating the current champion of the Galar Region in Leon and his massive Charizard!

Are you hyped for the return of Mewtwo? Do you think its possible for Ash or Goh to actually capture the Pokemon clone? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of pocket monsters!