Pokemon Journeys Teases Mewtwo's Return with New Key Visual

Pokemon Journeys has released a new key visual for their upcoming episodes that will continue to follow the adventures of Ash Ketchum and Goh, and it seems that the poster is hinting at the return of one of the most memorable pocket monsters of the popular anime franchise in Mewtwo! The cloned Pokemon has made various appearances in the anime series to be sure, not just relegated to the "movie universe", but it is still surprising to see that he will be making a big return as both Ash and Goh attempt to accomplish their goals of defeating Galar's current champion in Leon!

Pokemon Journeys has been one of the most memorable and important arcs within the anime of Pokemon, giving Ash Ketchum a "victory lap" following the long awaited win of a Championship Tournament. Leaving the Alola Region behind, Ash began his "world tour" by taking on a new travelling companion in Goh, a young trainer that is attempting to catch the rarest Pokemon that he can find, spurred on by his encounter with the ancient pocket monster known as Mew. Considering Goh's run in with Mew, this will be especially interesting to see how Ash's current "right hand man" reacts to meeting the rare Pokemon's clone!

The Official Twitter Account for the Pokemon anime series shared this brand new key visual that not only hints at the return of the insanely powerful cloned pocket monster known as Mewtwo, but also shows that the legendary Pokemon of the Galar Region will have their role to play:


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