Pokemon Journeys Confirms Mewtwo Arc Premiere Date

One of the most popular Pokemon to ever be introduced was the nigh invincible pocket monster known as Mewtwo, a failed experiment that was seeking to clone the ancient Pokemon known as Mew, and it seems we have a premiere date as to when this all powerful creature will be making its big return! Though Mewtwo has appeared a number of times in the anime series, he first made his appearance in the first official Pokemon feature length film that introduced this clone to the world that was made thanks in part to Giovanni of Team Rocket fame.

Mewtwo's powers are almost impossible to measure, as the psychic type Pokemon has the ability to unleash insane amount of psychic energy that helps make it easily one of the most powerful pocket monsters in the world today, if not the most powerful. With Ash and Goh capturing some of the most poweful Pokemon that they've ever encountered, we have to wonder if either of these trainers will be able to pull off the impossible during this upcoming arc and manage to actually capture the clone of Mew! Mewtwo has always worked toward discovering his place in the world, working toward creating a haven for cloned Pokemon like himself so it will definitely be worth seeing why he is making a big return!

Crunchyroll dropped the news that the upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys, ""Battle & Get! Mewtwo's Revival", will be premiering on November 20th, giving us our first look at Mewtwo in the new season of the anime franchise that has given both Ash and Goh their strongest monsters to date!

Recently, the first feature length film for the Pokemon series was recreated using computer graphics in the movie that premiered on Netflix in Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution! Though the response was mixed on this new take of the classic story, it definitely showed that the story that introduced fans to Mewtwo was a timeless one and the cloned Pokemon is clearly a fan favorite based on his rich history in the series.

Mewtwo won't be on his own however, as promotional material for the story arc also featured several key players, human and Pokemon alike, from the Galar Region!


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Via Crunchyroll