Pokemon Journeys Preview Explores Brutal Masters 8 Tournament End

Ash Ketchum has come a long way over the two decades plus where the Pokemon trainer has been the protagonist of the anime adaptation. Now that he has made it to the final match of the Masters 8 Tournament, pitting all his strength and skills against the current world champion Leon, a new description for the next installment is promising that the battle between the two is only going to get more brutal. Will this be Ash's final battle as the anime's protagonist?  

At present, Ash was able to score a major win against Leon, with his Dragonite claiming victory over one of the World Champion's strongest pocket monsters. With Ketchum having Dragonite, along with Sirfetchd, Dracovish, and Pikachu, Leon is down one in terms of his overall roster, but still has Rillaboom, Charizard, and Cinerace to rely on in hopes that he will hold onto his title as the strongest Pokemon trainer in the world. Following Ash's win in the Alola League Tournament, many could never foresee Ketchum actually making his way to the Masters 8 Tournament and there is a very real possibility that this final fight might be the protagonist's last as the star of the anime adaptation.

Bring The Pokemon Pain

The description for the 131st episode of Pokemon Journeys, titled "Finals III – Strongest" reads as such:

"The Masters Tournament Final between Ash and Leon continues. All of Ash's Pokemon are in a tattered state. Even so, Leon smiles at the sight of Ash and his Pokemon who continue to fight him without hesitation. It's "The Strongest Champion" vs "The Strongest Challenger". How will this battle which decides who truly is the strongest end as it gets more brutal and intense with each movie?!"

Pokemon Journeys hasn't just seen Ash facing some of his greatest challenges as a trainer, it's brought back old characters, friend and foe, in this latest season. If this is Ash's final farewell as the series' star, it would certainly make for a grand one. 

Do you think Ash is going to claim victory and become the new world champion? Where do you think the anime will move toward in the future if Ketchum is no longer the lead? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokemon

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