New Pokemon Journeys Promo Teases Grookey's Debut

Though the current season of Pokemon Journeys has focused on both Ash and his new friend Goh [...]

Though the current season of Pokemon Journeys has focused on both Ash and his new friend Goh traveling the world, their biggest challenges have come from the Galar Region, the new world introduced via the Nintendo Switch exclusive game of Pokemon Sword & Shield, and one of the starters from the game is set to arrive in the form of Grookey! The leaf-type Pokemon, who appears like an adorable primate with a stick in hand, has yet to have a big splash on the current journey of our favorite trainers but it seems as if this is about to change in upcoming episodes!

One of the biggest challenges that Ash Ketchum is attempting to overcome is the current roster of trainers that have made the Galar Region their home, with one of the biggest defeats being delivered to him by the trainer Bea and her Pokemon that were mostly "strength type" creatures. With Ash's ultimate goal being to defeat the current Galar champion, Leon, and his trusty Charizard, he definitely has a ways to go before he can feel ready for a one on one fight with one of the strongest trainers in the world to date. Though we aren't sure if Ash or Goh will be capturing Grookey in the near future, the adorable starter would definitely be a worthy addition to either of their rosters!

Twitter User Anipoke Fandom shared this brand new promo for the upcoming episodes of Pokemon Journeys, giving us a new look at Grookey's arrival to the anime as well as some insane new scenarios for Ash Ketchum to become a part of:

Pokemon Journeys has been unique among the seasons of the long-running anime franchise, following Ash after his big win in a Pokemon tournament for the first time. In the past, we've seen Ash put together teams specific to a certain region, but this go-around, Ketchum has been working toward creating his most powerful cadre of pocket monsters, throwing some interesting adventures into his resume as a Pokemon trainer!

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