Pokemon Journeys Announces Epic 'Sword and Shield' Arc

Pokemon Journeys has done a lot of groundbreaking things during its tenure, but the anime has some pillars it must uphold. At the core of every season, Pokemon aims to retell the main story found in the video games but with a twist. Fans have waited for Pokemon Journeys to give its take on Galar's arc, and it seems the show will do so in a matter of weeks.

Recently, can update went live about Pokemon Journeys, and it was there fans learned what was in store for the show. It turns out a new arc is coming that will adapt the story found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. A poster and synopsis was released for the upcoming arc; You can find part of the latter below:

"The giant-sized Pokemon are rampaging about!? Ash and Goh set off to research the strange phenomenon taking place there in the Galar region. Once they arrive, our heroes come face-to-face with the giant, rampaging Pokemon themselves," the blurb reads via DogasuBackpack.

"It turns out the rampage is being caused by an organization scheming behind the scenes to recreate the Black Night, a great catastrophe that befell the Galar region a long, long time ago! Once all the mysteries are solved, the revival of this great catastrophe will roar out across the land! Just as it seems though the entire Galar region is being thrown in a whirlwind of chaos, the two legendary heroes awaken from their slumber."

After looking at this blurb, you can see why fans are pumped for the arc. Gigantamax Pokemon running rogue would be good enough, but things get even juicier when you add in a secret organization. For gamers, they will know how crazy this arc will get, so it is time for Ash and Goh to experience it for themselves!


How does this new arc sound to you? Does this synopsis have you hyped for the story? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.