Pokemon Journeys Reveals Synopsis For Team Rocket's Big Recruit

Pokemon Journeys has spent over one hundred episodes following Ash Ketchum on his victory lap following his first Pokemon Tournament victory within the Alola Region. While the latest season has seen plenty of allies return, some familiar enemies have returned as Team Rocket has remained around the corner throughout the season when it comes to trying to swipe trainers' Pokemon. A new synopsis is hinting that Jesse, James, and Meowth are set to create a recruitment drive for the criminal organization, which might cause problems for Ash and friends.   

Currently, Ash and Goh haven't had to worry much about Team Rocket, with the pair continuing to focus on their path of becoming strong enough to defeat the trainer of Galar, while working their way up to a match with Galar's champion, Leon. Jesse, James, and Meowth have had a tough time keeping up with the protagonists' progress, as both Ketchum and Goh have been able to add some truly colossal Pokemon to their ranks, including the likes of Gengar, Dragonite, and Suicune to name a few. Perhaps with this new recruitment drive, Team Rocket might be able to add powerful new members to their roster. 

The 106th episode of Pokemon Journeys, "A New Show! Team Rocket's Undercover Kingdom Radio" has released the following synopsis as Jesse, James, and Meowth apparently receive orders from on high with regards to further expanding the roster of Team Rocket:

"To increase the number of members of Team Rocket all over the world, at the behest of Boss Giovanni, Jesse and the others start a radio program to recruit members. Despite being enthusiastic to tell the world about the wonderfulness of Team Rocket and get new members, the listeners are zero people! Not losing hope, they completely revamp the show to make more interesting radio programs, completely forgetting their original purpose."

Throughout the majority of their history, the trio of villains has been something of a joke, normally being blasted into the stratosphere as a result of attempting to swipe pocket monsters from Ash and his friends, but perhaps this recruitment drive might finally elevate Team Rocket to another level.


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Via Anipoke Fandom