Pokemon Unveils Team Rocket's Newest Addition

Pokemon Journeys is one of the most ambitious takes on the franchise to date, and fans are loving the series as you might understand. Over in Japan, new episodes are continuing to drop weekly, and that means good things for our heroes. Even Team Rocket is benefiting from the unique new series, and that was made clear this week when the group got a new addition.

The update came this week when Pokemon Journeys put out its newest episode, and it was all about James. The Team Rocket goon found himself out of sorts when he met the world's sassiest Morpeko. James and Jesse agreed to do whatever it took to nab the monster, but it didn't take anything nefarious to convince the Pikachu clone.

As you can see above, the Pokemon Journeys episode ended with James catching Morpeko out of the monster's volition. The mouse thought he was going to be rejected, but James made sure to add the fella to his team. And by the episode's end, things ended perfectly as Morpeko's dark side came out and blasted Team Rocket (including himself) into oblivion.

This is the latest addition to the Team Rocket trio, and fans are happy to see James so excited. Jesse has been partnered Wobbafet for a long time, and of course, she shares Meowth as the cat is one of James' best friends. Asides from Morpeko, James has other Pokemon in storage like Mime Jr., Inkay, Carnivine, and more.


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