Pokemon Legends: Arceus Anime Shares First-Look at Team Rocket

Pokemon is set to release a new chapter of its gaming series on Nintendo Switch later this month, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and to capitalize on the big arrival, the anime series is creating a special of its own. With the upcoming special already sharing the fact that it plans on bringing back Brock into the mix for this new special, it seems that some villainous forces are set to make a return as well as Team Rocket has been spotted in a new preview.  

When Pokemon Journeys first began, Jesse, James, and Meowth were given a serious upgrade, as their higher-ups deemed them fit of wielding some new technology that allowed them to call upon some of the toughest pocket monsters in the world. However, having access to powerful Pokemon and having the ability to work alongside them are two different things entirely, and the trio of Team Rocket have been routinely defeated on the regular. With this upcoming special, perhaps the tables will turn as Team Rocket has been shown sporting a brand new aesthetic as they seek to challenge Ash and company once again.

Twitter User Anipoke_Fandom shared the captured image that sees Team Rockets rocking a new aesthetic as they are set to cause problems for Ash, Goh, and the other trainers that are set to be a part of the special episode releasing to ring in the arrival of the Nintendo Switch game, Pokemon Legends: Arceus:

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set to arrive on the Nintendo console later this month, giving trainers a brand new method in capturing pocket monsters that is far different from what players are typically used to. Set to release officially on January 28th, trainers will be dropped into the past of the Pokemon universe, specifically within the forgotten area known as the Sinnoh Region. While Team Rocket having a presence might be unlikely considering the era in which the game takes place, we certainly wouldn't be surprised if some earlier incarnation of the organization were to make an appearance.

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