Pokemon and One Piece Collide with This Dragon Crossover

Pokemon has its fair share of Dragon-type pocket monsters that have populated the world of Ash Ketchum and his friends throughout the decades of existence for this popular anime franchise, but One Piece definitely has one of the biggest dragons in anime history, which has one fan creating a truly inspired crossover between the two anime series! Though no Pokemon is close to hitting the size of Kaido in his dragon form, the antagonist to the Straw Hat Pirates who leads the band of pirates known as the Beast Pirates, we could definitely see a smaller version of the captain being mistaken for a pocket monster!

One Piece currently has a major focus on Kaido of the Beast Pirates, thanks in part to the Wano Country Arc which sees Monkey D. Luffy and his crew attempting to free an isolated nation from the swashbuckler's grasp. Kaido had ingested a devil fruit earlier in his life that granted him the ability to become a giant, nearly invincible flying dragon that was able to defeat Luffy soundly in a one on one fight earlier in this big Shonen arc. With the captain of the Beast Pirates taking a much larger role in the series during the "War For Wano" arc taking place in the franchise's manga, it will be interesting to see who, if anyone, is able to deliver the killing blow to Kaido!

Reddit User KuroTeo was able to fuse the current antagonist of One Piece's Wano Arc with the Legendary Pokemon of Rayquaza who was introduced during the third generation of Pokemon's long running franchise, perfectly capturing the aesthetic of both anime dragons in thsi new creation:

Rayquaza + Kaido! I could have done Gyarados but the green dragon is way cooler. from r/OnePiece

There has never been an official crossover between One Piece and Pokemon, mostly because the latter is not a Shonen series despite the number of battles that take place in the anime series involving Ash Ketchum and a number of other Pokemon trainers. However, we're sure to get more fan crossovers in the future thanks to the ingenuity of die hards that follow both Pokemon, One Piece, and the large number of anime franchises across the board.

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