One Piece Maims an Important Hero in New Cliffhanger

One Piece is used to juggling characters, and that skill is being tested in a big way right now. [...]

One Piece is used to juggling characters, and that skill is being tested in a big way right now. The Wano Country arc has forced creator Eiichiro Oda to keep an eye on dozens of major heroes and villains alike. With so much going on in the manga, fans are eager to check in on their favorite fighters, but readers were in for a rude awakening when they learned one such hero has been maimed.

The shocking revelation came in the most recent chapter of One Piece. It was there fans watched as Luffy and Zoro continued making their way north to Kaido, and the captain is none too happy with Oden's vassals. In fact, the leaders of the Beasts Pirates is fed up after being injured by the troupe, and that is when he makes his first attack.

one piece

When the fallout clears, fans fans a clear view at the vassal who has taken a hard hit. Kiku takes one of Kaido's invisible blades to the shoulder, and that attack cuts off their arm entirely. The manga shows the amputated limb flying backwards from the blow while Kiku stands frozen in shock. So you can see why fans are concerned for the character.

The cliffhanger ends with Kiku's brother and captain yelling for them, so the word is out on their status. Fans are worried the samurai will die from this blow, but One Piece isn't obvious. The amputation is a horrific injury, but other fighters in One Piece has gone on to battle despite grievous wounds. Fans are sure Kiku will live despite this attack, but that expectation could be subverted if Oda is trying to make a point.

Kaido isn't a foe to be messed with, and he has taken lickings from the samurai since the war began. It was only a matter of time until he pushed back, and Kaido had a body count too high to count. Kiku could very easily become the first major casualty of this war. And if that is the case, then the rebels better braces themselves for more deaths to come.

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