One Piece Sees Luffy Unleash a New Haki

One Piece's newest episode sees Luffy finally succeed at unleashing a new Haki! Ever since he was [...]

One Piece's newest episode sees Luffy finally succeed at unleashing a new Haki! Ever since he was defeated by Kaido in an earlier episode, Luffy has been using his time in Wano's Udon Prison to potentially make himself strong enough to defeat Kaido the next time around. When he was roped into the deadly Sumo Inferno alongside Hyogoro, however, Luffy learned that Hyo would be able to teach him the same kind of Haki that Rayleigh once used in front of him. Now after several episodes of trying, Luffy has managed to pull it off.

After the concept was fleshed out towards the start of the Sumo Inferno and Hyogoro taught Luffy the secret to channeling his Ryuo (the named by which Haki is referred to in Wano), Luffy finally was able to break through when he and Hyogoro were almost killed by the explosive collars placed around there necks. You can check it out in the video above shared by Crunchyroll!

Episode 945 of the series continues Big Mom's rampage through the Udon prison. After defeating Queen, Big Mom is angered when she realizes that there is no more red bean soup available. Luffy mistakenly reveals that he is the one who ate the soup, and thus Big Mom targets him by knocking both Luffy and Hyogoro clear out of the Sumo Inferno ring.

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As they go flying, the collars around the two of their necks begin to beep and Luffy struggles to remove Hyogoro's collar. Not wanting to let the old man die, Luffy finally breaks through his limit and taps into the power of Ryuo and tears off their collars before the two of them explode. But now he just needs to replicate it.

For one final lesson, Hyogoro refuses to run from Big Mom and asks Luffy to save him. Making sure he taps into the same feeling he used to remove the collars and cementing the technique, he's now tasking Luffy with using Ryou to take down Big Mom in the next episode of the series. So we'll soon see if Luffy can indeed add this new Haki to his arsenal!

What did you think of Luffy's newest Haki? How do you like seeing Ryou in action in the anime series? Do you think this will be enough to break through Kaido's tough skin in their rematch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!