These Pokemon Popsicles Are Selling for Hundreds of Dollars Online

Pokemon has tons of exclusive merchandise, and they sell at various rates. Some things can linger on shelves while others fly off in minutes. Over in Japan, the latter was true for some exclusive Pokemon popsicles, and they are now selling for 140x their original cost online.

And yes, you did read that right. Second-hand Pokemon popsicles are all the rage in Japan, and it all has to do with the Pokemon Trading Card game.

The situation, as shared by Sora News 24, began when Pokemon Garigari-kun popsicles went live. The treats were hard to get overseas, but the brand itself is nothing new. After all, Garigari-ken popsicles are rather cheap, but the popsicles are hot commodities. Or rather, it seems some of their popsicle sticks are in high demand.

pokemon pikachu shocked
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Currently, sites like Mercari have started selling special popsicle sticks from the Pokemon packs. They are being sold for upwards of $470 USD, and it is because these special sticks qualify their owners for a special gift. After eating a popsicle, anyone who finds themselves in possession of a winning stick can send in the item for a rare Pokemon Trading Card. The one in question here is for Zarude, a mythical Pokemon who will star in Pokemon Coco this December.


The full-art card shows the mythical Pokemon swinging from the trees, so you can see why fans are eager to nab the card. However, fans are not bidding for these cards as much as they are the popsicle sticks that qualify them for one. In fact, the sticks are selling for more than $100 USD compared to cards. So if you happened to snag one of these winning Pokemon popsicle sticks, well - it is time you decided what to do with it. After all, this mail-in contest only lasts for so long!

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