'Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon' Announces New Arc

Pokemon: Sun and Moon is wrapping up a major arc of the series as Ash and his friends battle with legendary Pokemon and beasts, so the series has confirmed that it will begin a new arc next month.

To go along with the major schedule change and new main visual, the series will begin a new arc featuring famous faces on October 7.

Pokemon's anime will be moving to a Sunday evening timeslot on October 7, and to go along with this the series will feel equally as new with a brand new arc. Though there currently aren't any major details as to what the new arc will entail, but the new visual reveals several interesting things for what fans can expect.

The visual for the new arc includes Hau, who will be making his first appearance in the anime, along with a Dartrix, a longer haired Eevee (who will most likely be joining the crew to celebrate the new Pokemon: Let's Go video games), Team Rocket seems to have a Stufful tagging along with them now, and Brock and Misty being on the new visual teases that they will be returning to the series at some point during this arc.

Fans will have plenty to look forward to come October, but the series has suffered a major loss recently. The narrator of the series and voice of Professor Oak, Unsho Ishizuka, has unfortunately passed away. Fans will be able to hear his work on the series until October, and in the now released in Japan Pokemon film, The Power of Us, but the roles will soon be taken over by Kenyu Horiuchi.


If you're itching for more Pokemon right now, Twitch is airing a special marathon for the series that will explore all nine seasons of the series. Between now and October 22, fans can watch along with others as fans relive some of the series most fun, and even saddest moments.

You can currently find the marathon in the midst ofPokemon: The Johto Journeyswhich began on September 10, and Pokemon: Johto League Champions beginning on September 17. The following week, Pokemon: Master Quest starts, and then on Oct. 1 Pokemon Advanced. Each of the following weeks introduces another season -- Pokemon: Advanced Challenge, Pokemon: Advanced Battle and Pokemon: Battle Frontier. Check out Twitch for the exact schedule.