Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Debuts First Poster

Netflix has been on top of its anime game for some years now, and the streaming service is only expanding its library. Not long ago, fans tuned in to Record of Ragnarok as the action-packed show got underway. And now, the first poster for season two has gone live.

The poster comes straight from Japan thanks to the team at Natalie. The visual gives fans their first look at season two which is wrapping up production. So if you have been wanting more of Record of Ragnarok, well - it will be here before long.

(Photo: Netflix)

The colorful poster shows an array of fighters from across history. Record of Ragnarok will continue mankind's fight for survival as warriors around history will be asked to defend their race.

For those not caught up with Record of Ragnarok, the show's first season is available on Netflix. The series, which is based on the Coamix manga, follows 13 well-known humans from throughout history who must prove their worth to save mankind. In this Battle of Ragnarok, the humans are pitted against 13 powerful gods and are equipped with a Valkyrie weapon to aid them. But if the humans fall, the gods will exterminate mankind without a second thought.

This series sounds like a ripe seinen story, and its manga has plenty of fans. However, Record of Ragnarok season one was bumpy from the start. The studio Graphinica has been heavily criticized for its stale animation, but fans are hoping the art is upgraded in season two. And if not, well - it will fall to them to choose whether Record of Ragnarok is worth watching. 


What do you think of this new key visual? Did you expect Record of Ragnarok to get a second season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.