Record of Ragnarok Releases First Trailer for Season 2

The Record of Ragnarok has established a tournament unlike anything else presented within the medium of anime, as the series sees humanity fighting against the gods themselves. With the second season already confirmed to be hitting Netflix next year in 2023, the series has released a new trailer during this year's Anime Expo, giving fans a look into the fight between the gods and mankind that continue following the dramatic battles over the course of the first season. 

The hook of Record of Ragnarok isn't just that mankind must square off against some familiar gods such as Hermes, Ares, and Thor to name a few, but also, the series gives humanity the opportunity to choose any members of civilization to participate in the fight for survival throughout time. This means that humanity is represented by the likes of Jack The Ripper, Adam from the Garden of Eden, Lu Bu, and Hercules to name a few. 

Record of Ragnarok shared the first trailer for the second season, giving us a better idea of what humans and gods will be fighting one another this time around as humanity continues to struggle for its own survival as the deities have decided that mankind's time has come to an end:

If you haven't had the chance to dive into this animated war between humanity and the gods, Netflix released an official description for Record of Ragnarok that reads as such:

"This mega-popular manga series with over 6 million copies in print finally receives an anime adaptation! Representatives from throughout human history take on the world's deities in 13 one-on-one battles — and the fate of humanity is at stake! Bringing this intense world to the screen is Graphinica, the animation studio behind Juni Taisen: Zodiac War and Hello World, who have depicted many fierce 3D CG battles in anime such as Blade of the Immortal, Promare and Girls und Panzer. A thrilling and transcendent battle-action anime explodes onto the screen!"  


Record of Ragnarok ran into some controversy in its first season, not only thanks to the appearance of the anime's version of Aphrodite, but also with many anime fans feeling that the style of animation wasn't able to live up to its source material so fingers crossed that the studio behind the series, Graphinica, is able to turn the ship around in some cases. 

The second season is set to arrive next year in 2023 though a specific release date has yet to be revealed.