Rick and Morty Team Unpacks Beth's Wild New Romance

Rick and Morty kicked off a wild new kind of romance in Season 6's newest episode, and the staff bringing the episode to life broke down the deeper meanings behind Beth and Space Beth's new fling! The start of the season introduced a brand new status quo that not only saw the Smith Family accepting their new place in the multiverse along with the addition of Space Beth to the fold. There was a tease that there would be even more to see from her inclusion to it all, and the newest episode fulfilled this promise to an unexpected new level.

Rick and Morty Season 6, Episode 3 is titled "Bethic Twinstinct," and like the title suggests it was a heavily Beth focused episode as the two Beths found out how into each other they really are. This sparked a very emotional and physical fling between the two of them, and according to writer Anne Lane, series co-creator Dan Harmon, and showrunner Scott Marder in a special Inside the Episode segment released by Adult Swim, it's actually a psychological dive into how Beth's character continues to evolve and love herself as a whole person. 

As episode writer Anne Lane explains, "Bethic Twinstinct" is an episode about self-exploration for Beth, and the avoidance of that by the rest of the family. Following Lane proposing that the two Beths would be into each other, Harmon explains that it made sense as a narcissistic element, but also made sense on the deeper level of Beth learning to love herself as a person. It's the kind of potential the team wanted to explore with Beth as she's not only down to Earth and realizes the constraints of her current life, but also like Rick has a very high opinion of herself. 

It's that disconnect Beth has been facing since the third season of the series, and with this confrontation of her clone head on leading to a full on romance, it's sort of like Beth learning to love and accept all these sides of herself in the process. And how it continues to change her relationship with Jerry in the meantime, it's almost an even healthier version of the marriage that the two have had through the seasons so far. 

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