Rick and Morty Season 5 Premiere Introduces Rick's Nemesis While Morty Goes on a Date

Rick and Morty has finally revealed Rick's true nemesis while Morty goes on a date with the first [...]

Rick and Morty has finally revealed Rick's true nemesis while Morty goes on a date with the first episode of Season 5! After much anticipation following the end of the fourth season's second half of episodes last year, Rick and Morty has finally returned for its fifth season. The fan favorite Adult Swim animated series will be airing all ten of its planned episodes throughout the Summer, and thankfully things have gotten off to a great start with the season premiere that introduces a key part of Rick's history. Hilariously, it seems to be his real nemesis this time around.

That's not the only thing that happens in the jam-packed season premiere for the series, however, as nearly every member of the Smith family has something to do that's thrown into chaos with the arrival of Rick's nemesis, Mr. Nimbus. Read on for a full recap of everything that happened in the premiere episode:

  • A badly injured Rick and Morty are making their way through an interdimensional space as they run from a horrifying monster, and Rick is losing all hope. Morty tries to fly them out, but soon their ship starts breaking apart. As they start to crash to Earth, Morty decides to use his last moments to call Jessica and tell her how he feels about her.
  • She ends up feeling the same, and the two make plans to have a date that evening. This gives Morty to motivation to live, and they soon crash into the ocean. Rick is angry at this and it's soon revealed that the reason he hates the ocean is his nemesis, Mr. Nimbus, the sea-faring king of the oceans.
  • In order to help smooth things over, Rick is planning a special dinner for Mr. Nimbus for a peace summit treaty while Summer is off getting a shell that grants the sea king his power. All the while Morty is planning to focus on his date with Jessica. Beth and Jerry reveal that they have been in couple's counseling and have opened themselves to new sexual experiences.
  • Rick throws wine into a dimension in order to age it several years enough to Mr. Nimbus' taste, and soon Mr. Nimbus arrives at the Smith house. Jerry tries to call the police, but it's also reveal that Mr. Nimbus can control the police. As Rick says, "He's Mr. Nimbus he controls the police." Jessica soon arrives as well, and Mr. Nimbus propositions Beth and Jerry for a potential sexual escapade.
  • Morty goes to get the wine left in the portal, and he soon meets Hoovy, an alien on the other side, who helps him take the wine back to his house after it's been sitting there for decades. Upon returning, Hoovy finds years have passed, his wife has died, and a vengeful son stabs him. Morty's forced to go get more wine, and finds that same son much older and is quickly beaten up. Morty then goes back through and finds that son even older, and soon decades pass as that society readies for Morty's return.
  • When Morty breaks a wine bottle he's forced to go through the time door once more, but is still trying to keep Jessica from leaving. When he goes through the door, he's accosted by an entire castle of aliens waiting for him. Morty prepares to go back in guns blazing with all of Rick's technology, but on the other side they are preparing as well. It's not enough as Morty easily tears through them.
  • He leaves behind some tech, however, and Morty returns to Rick and Mr. Nimbus still having a terrible dinner. He then tries to get closer to Jessica once more, but on the other side a mother and son are training to have him be the one to make his way to Morty's dimension. He trains his entire life, and is soon fashioned with a suit that allows him to go through to Morty's side. Jessica helps take him down, but the resulting time explosion pulls her through the time portal.
  • Morty heads through one more time, and is captured by the other side as they have advanced to technological new levels. Mr. Nimbus declares war on the sea, and Rick welcomes it as the two of them reveal that they have truly known each other for quite a while. On the other side, it's revealed that Jessica has been frozen in time inside of a mysterious crystal. Morty and Jessica then fail to escape as they are captured by the other side's technology.
  • Rick tries to save them, but it's quickly revealed that his tech is not advanced enough to save them either. When they're trapped and near death, Mr. Nimbus arrives and soon uses his power to summon a tidal wave and whales to save them. After they escape, Jessica reveals what happened to her after coming through the portal.
  • She reveals that while trapped in the crystal, she saw millennia pass in that society. That's changed her forever as she's essentially become a time god through all the time she's had to think about the meaninglessness of it all. So she tells Morty that the two of them should be friends. Rick and Mr. Nimbus were about to bury the hatchet before Summer arrives with the conch shell that gives Mr. Nimbus power. Angered, Nimbus beats up Rick and uses his power to send him to jail.

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