Rick and Morty is Giving Rick New Upgrades in Season 6

Rick and Morty will be returning to Adult Swim next month with new episodes, and the trailer for the new season is setting Rick Sanchez up for some major upgrades in the coming battles! The end of the fifth season revealed that the Central Finite Curve was actually a special playground Rick had made for himself where he and all the other versions of himself were the smartest beings in existence. But this was all changed at the end of the season and now there's a question as to whether or not Rick will actually be taking on some who are tougher than himself.   

Though we have seen Rick losing control of situations sometimes (to great comedic effect), one of the major draws from the Season 5 finale was the fact that Rick was seemingly no longer going to be the top of the food chain. The first trailer for Rick and Morty Season 6 shows some of this in action as he is coming across challenges with a hyped up new arsenal that's much beefier than the tech we had seen him use in the previous seasons. At the very least, Rick is gearing up to take on these new foes head on. 

(Photo: Adult Swim)

It's yet to be seen whether or not Rick and Morty Season 6 will actually continue the canon established at the end of the fifth season of the series, but it's a promising idea. The series will be continuing forth with its episodic stories as teased by the trailer, but there's a chance that we will see more of the connecting threads in between each new adventure. It's why the final episodes of the previous season were so intriguing, and Rick in turn has upgraded his arsenal for whatever new challenges have come his way. 

Complete with a new set of spider leg like arms, detachable weapon filled hands, and more, this new version of Rick has more literal tricks up his sleeve than before. It's likely to keep from being caught by surprise from what's coming his way, but we have yet to see how this will play out. How do you want to see Rick's new upgrades in action? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!