Hilarious Rick and Morty Clip Showcases Rick's Fight with God

Rick and Morty's penultimate episode of the fourth season went for broke as Rick got in an all-out fight with God, and a hilarious new clip from the episode gives us another glance at this memorable battle! Season 4 Episode 9's "Childrick of Mort" began like many episodes this season with a more humble premise than expected before it went completely into the zany science-fiction adventures the animated series has become better known for. It took a wilder turn than expected as Rick not only had sex with a living planet, but soon fought over the right to raise the living planet's children against "a Zeus."

When Rick and Beth decide to build a better society for the living planet's children that Rick was supposedly the father of, the real father soon appears and it's revealed that he's actually a god of some sort. The mythology zones in on the fact that he's "a Zeus," and soon he and Rick begin fighting through space and it's as hilarious as expected.

Unfortunately, Adult Swim's promotional clip does not have the bloody ending to the fight. When Rick was nearly at his end in the fight against the Zeus, he's saved at the very last moment by Morty and Summer. The two kids had wandered into a crash landed ship, and partied so much that the ship ended up taking up to the skies...right through Zeus' skull.

The bloody end to the fight was fitting for the series as Zeus' giant and bloodied body tumbled to the ground, and Rick and the other Smiths end up leaving the living planet a much worse place than when they first found it. The fourth season of the series has put Rick through the ringer as it examines more of his own fallacies, so the finale must be having something bigger than a fight with god planned to bring it all to an end. But what do you think?

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