Rick and Morty's "Childrick of Mort" Episode Features a Literal Fight with God

Rick and Morty's fourth season is nearly over, and "Childrick of Mort" certainly did not disappoint as a penultimate episode. The latter half of the fourth season has been fairly focused on breaking down our understanding of the series and its characters, and that indeed continues with the second to last episode of the season. It had quite a lot to live up to, especially now that it's following the fan favorite "The Vat of Acid Episode," but what definitely helped matters was seeing the series return to the full family dynamic following a string of episodes focusing on Rick and Morty exclusively.

Like many of the other episodes this season, "Childrick of Mort" had a ton of surprises you wouldn't necessarily expect at the outset. Read on for a breakdown of some of the wildness that went down in the penultimate episode of the season and get ready for the finale!

  • As the Smith family takes a car trip, Rick gets a mysterious call about some kids that could potentially be his. When Beth urges him to take the call and see what's going on, he takes over and the car suddenly turns into a ship. It turns out, Rick had sex with a planet. It turns out that Rick had sex with a living planet just to try it out. Upon arrival, the planet suddenly gives birth to a ton of his children.
  • He has no intent to keep an eye or raise this mass of planetary children he's birthed because he believes evolution will fix things, but Beth refuses to give up so Rick decides to do something. Morty and Summer are forced to camp with Jerry like he wanted to do this entire time.
  • The two of them are completely over it, and are wondering if it's his attempt to seem like a good father and Summer outright yells at him. Meanwhile, Rick and Beth are doing their best to raise a society of the best kind of people but they keep messing things up with "unproductives" like "DJs, foodies," etc. Beth is thrilled at how the two of them are bonding, however.
  • They are eventually forced through a tube, but are dumped near Jerry. They begin to praise and worship him as a leader because they know so little. Meanwhile, Morty and Summer stumble on a wrecked space ship with a device that looks like a bong and video game console like they wanted to mess around with in the first place.
  • Rick and Beth are celebrating how far they've come with the society they've made but soon a godly new entity arrives, God, and the living planet revealed that this cloud being is actually the father of all of these children. God is now attempting to raise their father, but Rick refuses to leave.
  • Meanwhile, Jerry is leading the unproductive children and they are preparing to attack Rick and Beth's society. God them imbues them with power, and Rick is ready to fight God head on. God reveals his true form, and the two of them begin their fight both dealing some decisive blows throughout the vacuum of space. At this time, Summer and Morty are still playing around on the wrecked ship as it flies off unexpectedly.
  • Jerry begins unleashing plagues and other godly powers, and he and Beth are using the armies of children to work out their problems with one another. God prepares to deal a finishing blow to Rick, but Morty and Summer's space ship ends up flying straight into God's skull.
  • Rick praises the two of them for getting high and playing video games (after they save his life) and they rush back to where Jerry and Beth are before God's body falls back to Earth. It turns out that it was just "a Zeus," and now they prepare to leave. Beth and Jerry make up while the living planet rages at the fact that Rick did all that damage.
  • As Rick leaves his kids, he tells them not to ask for money. Jerry admits he just wanted to feel important, but the rest of the family deride him for doing basically nothing with his god powers. Beth is on Jerry's side, and Rick jealously calls out Morty and Summer for all the stuff they got into as the episode comes to an end.

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