Rihanna Is The Best Accidental Hunter x Hunter Cosplayer Ever

Cosplaying has become something that most pop-culture fans have participated in at some point, [...]

Cosplaying has become something that most pop-culture fans have participated in at some point, however, it is rare to see Hollywood stars enjoying it too. Well, that is until Rihanna showed Hunter x Hunter fans that she isn't just a great singer, but a great Nen user as well.

Rihanna was subtle about it; however, Hunter x Hunter fans soon noticed her obsession with the anime, as photo's of her proves. An image has been circulating Reddit, which pinpoints the times Rihanna has shown her appreciation for Hunter x Hunter. This image lines her up next to the characters that she is dressing up as.

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Okay, so Rihanna's cosplaying as Hunter x Hunter characters is most likely just a coincidence, however; Rihanna's costumes are still on point. The first image of the Hollywood singer shows her strutting her stuff in a shoulder-padded suit, which looks quite similar to a certain security guard. Everything about Rihanna points to Canary, a young security guard for the Zolduck family.

While the second image of Rihanna shows her moving up in terms of power, Canary at a point in time was quite powerful, however, she was soon surpassed. In this image, Rihanna looks quite similar to one of the Phantom Troupe members in Shizuku, who is an innocent looking girl at first glance. However, Hunter x Hunter fans soon discovered that innocent was not the word that anyone should use to describe Shizuku. She is the twelfth strongest Phantom Troupe member, although, it doesn't sound too impressive but in reality, it is a large accomplishment. If only Rihanna was holding a vacuum cleaner, that would have been a perfect Blinky, as Blinky is the only missing component to a perfect Shizuku cosplay.

Rihanna Hunter x Hunter

While the last photo of Rihanna is yet another upgrade in power, endurance and skill with the star looking quite like the protagonist of the show. That's right, in the last image of Rihanna being the best accidental Hunter x Hunter cosplayer, the star singer has dressed up as Gon. Gon is the main character of the Hunter x Hunter series, which follows his journey to find his father, the famous Hunter Ging Freecss. In this time Gon makes friends, becomes a Hunter at an incredibly young age and learns about Nen.